All over

Now, closed go given is my english
not really here a feed of eyes.
The ground: for me it’s not so dringlish
to glare with ghost round any price.

Much dringlisher, that you verstand,
what I in hearten for you feel.
Since I first met you on the strand,
this lukewarm summernight in Kiel.

You came from Utah, I from here.
You said „Hello!“, I airy: „Wow!“.
We talked by one pair couple bear.
You falled me so, I can’t say how.

When you this read, I’ll be away
I eated me up after you.
I begged you thousand-tray to stay
But you did not paint hear me to.

My accent, ment you: unoutstanded.
Na Gott sei Dank. Es ist beendet.

copyright by harry boldt


(… von Andreas)

Mittendrin abberufen
aus dem Leben
die wortlos
zu fassen

Zu früh,
irgendwo einzureihen.

Ich werde es wohl
auch nicht versuchen
und stattdessen
Dich vor Augen
humorvoll schreiben.

Mich erinnern
an dein gnadenlos
ansteckendes Lachen.

copyright by harry boldt